Licorice Powder - Mulethi Powder - 100 Gm

USDA Certified Organic Licorice Powder for Skin Whitening - Mulethi Powder

Sorich Organics Licorice Powder can help bring your skin to a smooth, lighter tone thanks to the Glabridin that stops the skin from darkening after sun exposure. Since sun damage is a primary cause of discoloration of the skin, it also contains UV blocking enzymes that help protect you from future damage.



1.Add 1 tbsp of Mulethi powder, 2 tbsp of mixed paste of yoghurt and milk and stir it.

2.Add 5 drops of basil oil and mix it well before use

3.Apply the pack on your face.

4.Wash it off with running water after 20minutes. 



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