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Dry Spearmint Leaves Herbal Tea

organic spearmint tea , spearmint leaves
sorich organics spearmint tea
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Dry Spearmint Leaves Herbal Tea - Popular as Ayurvedic Tea and Herbal Supplement - Pure Herb

A delightfully and coolly aromatic herb, Spearmint is no less than a miraculous herb which aims to take care of you inside and out. High potassium level of the herb keeps blood pressure in control. It also helps maintain and achieve a hormonal balance. It’s good for your oral health. Semi medicinal herb, spearmint, can be made into herbal tea. It can also be ground, if used as a spice in vegetable curries or for sprinkling purposes. It especially aims at relaxing and calming your senses.

Health Factors :

1. Spearmint contains some vital nutrients which enhance the immunity.

2. Spearmint leaves are aromatic.

3. It is used majorly for garnishing purposes.

4. Spearmint prevents cold and flu.

5. It also keeps digestive system healthy.

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