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Dry Nettle Leaves

Dry Nettle Leaves
Dry Nettle Leaves
Dry Nettle Leaves
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Sorich Organics Dry Nettle Leaves Urtica Dioica Health Boosting Pure Herb

Nettle leaves reduce allergies. Nettle leaves are anti-inflammatory in nature. They keep our skin and hair healthy. They are also known for reducing the effects of cold and flu. Nettle leaves are considered relaxing and calming as they soothe the nerves. They also reduce tension and promote calmness. Nettle leaves can be chewed and swallowed as they are. They can also be used for garnishing purposes in soups and stews. All our herbs are high quality and completely natural so that you can derive maximum benefits.

Health Factors :

1. Nettle leaf reduces the effect of cold and flu.

2. Nettle leaves cleanse the body as they have detoxifying qualities.

3. It severely improves blood circulation level.

4. Nettle leaves maintain healthy skin.

5. It strengthens our respiratory system.

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