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Turkish Apricot - ( Unsweetened and Naturally Dehydrated Fruit )

High in fiber, iron and potassium amongst other varied nutrients, dried apricots are what you need to reach for if you want to start snacking smarter.

Health Factor - Having long since hailed as the ticket to good health, apricots contain an impressive amount of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and potassium, along with a whole lot of fiber. With its low calorie count, apricots are diet friendly in addition to having a whole lot of antioxidants necessary for the body.

Feel Good Factor - Best had on their own, dried apricots also find their place in salads and biryanis. For an exciting party appetizer, pair dried apricots with cheese and whole wheat crackers for your very own twist on the traditional cheese platter.

Quality Factor - Sorich sources the apricots from the best, then dehydrates them naturally and to our specifications. Containing a mere 8% of added sugars, our products are unsulphered and contain no added preservatives.


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