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Lemongrass Herbal Tea - Helps in Digestion and Weight Loss - Detox Tea - Pure Herb

dried lemongrass herb
organic lemongrass herbal tea leaves
lemongrass Anxiety and Detox tea
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A powerhouse of minerals, Lemon grass is high on minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin C, calcium amongst many others; Lemongrass is used as a medicinal herb since ages in Asia. It helps prevent cancer and helps in balancing blood cholesterol level of the body. Lemongrass also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Lemongrass has a lovely aroma and can be dried, grounded or even be used fresh in its leafy form or as a spice in various cuisines.

Health Factors :

1. Lemongrass can be considered a powerhouse of minerals.

2. Lemongrass also prevents cancer.

3. Lemongrass balances blood cholesterol level of the body.

4. Moreover, lemongrass is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

5. It is rich in vitamin B1 and B2.


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