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Licorice Powder

dried licorice powder
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organic licorice powder
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Licorice Powder - Rich in Vitamin B and Enhances Immunity - Pure Herb

Associated with candies and used in food and medicines for thousands of years, Licorice majorly improves digestion and other bowel problems. Being detoxifying in nature, licorice powder keeps various infections and viruses away from the body. Licorice assists cancer treatment, protects your skin and teeth, reduces stress and soothes your stomach. Mainly used for its mild sweetness which adds a light flavor to dishes and drinks, Licorice is also used as a spice in vegetable curries and fruit stews.

Health Factors :

1. Soothes your stomach

2. Cleanses your respiratory system

3. Assists cancer treatment

4. Protects your skin and teeth

5. Reduces stress

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