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Chamomile Flower Herbal Tea | Calming & Soothing Sleep Tea for Stress and Anxiety

chamomile infusion herbal tea leaves
organic chamomile herbal sleep tea
Anxiety and stress relief tea
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A mellow herb chamomile, calms the nervous system and digestive tract. It has soothing benefits to irritated skin membranes and healing wounds, it gradually treats cold and flu. It promotes heart health. It helps in inducing sleep; helping one relax and drift off to dreamland easier at the end of a tiring and stressful day and is especially helpful with insomnia. It also relieves muscle pains or stiffness. Chamomile is a must have herb and is one of essentials in your kitchen.

Health Factors :

1. Chamomile reduces the effect of depression and anxiety.

2. It fights many harmful bacterias that can cause diseases.

3. Chamomile gradually treats cold and flu.

4. Consuming chamomile majorly improves digestion.

5. It is quite helpful in curing insomnia.

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