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Barbeque Pumpkin Seeds 250 gm

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Sorich Organics BBQ Pumpkin Seeds are considered as one of the most popular and preferred options for Pumpkin Seeds in the Indian Market. Having these everyday will keep your digestive system healthy as they are a rich source of dietary fibres. They will give you energy and will meet the nutritional requirements of the body in right manner. They are a great source of protein and unsaturated fats , including omega-6 fatty acids. They also contain a good range of nutrients including iron , calcium , Vitamin B2 , folate and beta carotene which the body converts into vitamin A. Since these are raw seeds , so you can also use them as a very good option for creating a number of DIY healthy and nutritious recipies. You can also have them as snacks whenever you feel hungry and get instant nutrition and energy. Sorich Organics BBQ Pumpkin Seeds can also prevent the premature skin ageing because of their nutritional properties helping you to look younger for a longer tenure. As the company always promises for the best ever Quality, Sorich Organics always stood on the top of all the major parameters, certifications and laboratory tests. So for the sake of your health and Betterment , Sorich Organics BBQ Pumpkin Seeds are the adequate option to consider.
  • It is rich in healthy fats that can lower the level of cholesterol and maintain good mood. These seeds trigger the immune system and keeps infection-related problems at low. Being rich in the dietary fiber pumpkin seeds help in maintaining weight and boost metabolism.
  • Pumpkin seeds have strong anti-inflammatory properties and can ease the bone health by just consuming them in diet as a snack or as an ingredient. They are excellent source of protein. It help in getting sound sleep, it acts as a natural sleeping pills. Our BBQ pumpkins are roasted without adding even a single drop of oil.
  • Sorich Organics Barbeque pumpkin seeds are organic & pure to provide you with healthier nourishment. It has been given a barbeque flavour twist to give you a satisfactory experience of consumption with it's retained health benefits and natural properties. Sorich Organics Barbeque flavoured pumpkin seeds can be categorized as a vegan product.