How to Make Green Coffee from Unroasted Coffee Beans?

How to Make Green Coffee from Unroasted Coffee Beans?

How to Make Green Coffee from Unroasted Coffee Beans?

Coffee has been popular in the form of a brown-colored drink that has an appealing aroma and taste. Owing to this reason, one may find it strange to brew green colored coffee beans. However, the current trend suggests that green coffee beans are in.

Green Coffee beans are highly flavorful and have grabbed a lot of attention from all over the world after researchers revealed the health benefits of these unroasted beans. They are the same coffee beans which we consume daily as 'coffee', the only difference being – These beans are unroasted. 

Green Coffee Beans – A brief overview

Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their natural form. Only a few people know that coffee beans are initially green and composed of a health compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which is mainly responsible for weight loss. Thereafter, these beans are roasted for commercial use where they turn brown and lose Chlorogenic Acid to a large extent.

Hence, those who want to avail of the health benefits of coffee must use green coffee beans in unroasted form. Once you have green coffee beans, you can brew these beans to form a health-packed drink. Below has been given the method of brewing green coffee beans that make a perfect companion for relaxation and health.

Points to note before brewing your own green coffee

Coffee beans are complex in nature. There are 40 different substances responsible for the taste and health properties of coffee. These beans are polyphasic in nature and change their form from time to time. These beans may undergo many changes when they are rested, roasted, or stored. This brew changes its form when it stands in the cup for more than 15 minutes. 

Brewing the green coffee beans

Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • Sorich Organics Green Coffee Beans
  • Hot water 300 ml or 2 cups
  • Optional – honey or sugar

Preparing coffee using green coffee bean powder

  • Grind the green coffee beans in a grinder to get a fine or coarse powder depending on your liking and the available appliance. Green coffee beans are unroasted beans and are very hard to grind. 
  • Divide the powder into two cups and pour hot water. Water should be hot but not boiling. 
  • Let the mixture stand for ten minutes and then strain the mixture with a fine sieve to get your drink ready to sip.
  • Add sugar or honey if required. 

Preparing coffee using whole green coffee beans

  • Preparing coffee from whole beans is time-consuming, hence you may prepare this coffee in large batches. Soak the beans overnight in water. You can increase the quantity of water in the same proportion as the beans.
  • Boil this mixture of soaked beans and water on high flame. After a single boil, simmer the mixture on low flame for 15 minutes. Give an occasional stir.
  • Cool this mixture completely before sieving it thoroughly.  
  • What you now have is concentrated and strong to be consumed directly. You can add filtered or distilled water to dilute the concoction as required.
  • If you prepared this in large batch then you can store the rest in the refrigerator to be used within 3 days.
  • Add cardamom and various additives to bring more taste to this health drink.

No matter how you prepare green coffee, make sure you take one cup after each meal for the best results.

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